The Running Refugees

Our Story

Our legs tell our story. The Refugee Life Foundation is a 501-C3 charity created to raise awareness for the global refugee crisis. Also, raise funds to help provide basic human needs to millions of refugees globally. This is not only our mission, it’s our life’s purpose. We are certainly not the fastest runners, but we collectively believe the race to provide relief for our brothers and sisters is urgent. Every two seconds, someone is forcibly displaced from the place they call home. UNICEF reports that 70% of refugees are under the age of 18 years old, 25% of them being young women and mothers. Refugees are being forced from their homes and walk a painful trail of tears. The Refugee Life Foundation including the Running Refugees were formed to help create a trail of hope. 

Our Mission

To raise awareness and funds to provide basic human necessities to millions of refugees across the globe by running and hosting athletic events. 

Join Us 

If you are ready to run for a refugee, then we want you on our team! If you are unable to run, you can always make a donation because every dollar makes a difference for these refugee families.